Measure canopy architecture easily and objectively any time
Monitor Plant Area Index (PAI), canopy porosity and canopy growth by simply taking a photo of your plant.
VitiCanopy is easy to use, highly portable and results are available in real time.
Create maps of your vineyard and identify variability to direct your decisions
Real time vineyard variability maps allow users to:
•  Make site specific management decisions
•  Anticipate yield and quality threats
•  Direct resources to where they are needed most
Create a history of your vineyard and compare within and between seasons.
•  Quantify and map vineyard variability through objective canopy measurements
•  Ground-truth remotely sensed measurements
•  Monitor crop conditions and implement disease and water management decisions
•  Forecast quality
Focus inputs where they are needed and increase your profitability
VitiCanopy enables users to target management operations to the needs of the crop.
VitiCanopy assists growers in making informed decision on canopy management, irrigation and pesticide application.
Users can make informed management choices to achieve desired production targets and remain profitable.