VitiCanopy allows users to measure and interpret objective canopy architecture and its spatial distribution thus allowing for targeted vineyard management.
VitiCanopy provides grapegrowers and viticulturists with a quick measure of vine canopy size and porosity by simply taking a photo of the vine.
VitiCanopy uses cover digital photography and automated analysis by applying gap size assessment algorithms to measure Plant Area Index (PAI), Canopy Porosity and Canopy Cover.
VitiCanopy is easy to use, highly portable and results are available in real time.
In vineyards, understanding variability to target management strategies, apply inputs efficiently and deliver consistent grape quality to the winery is now essential.
Agronomists, viticulturists, horticulturalists and silviculturists all use methods to monitor vigour and vegetative growth of their crops. Canopy vigour is directly correlated to photosynthetic capacity and water requirements; understanding canopy size variability allows growers to identify a zone of characteristic performance and apply targeted management.


VitiCanopy was designed and developed by the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, The University of Adelaide, agwine.adelaide.edu.au .
The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine represents a world-class concentration of scientific research and education, with infrastructure and resources at the Waite Campus of the University of Adelaide. The School is the centrepiece of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest collection of expertise in plant genomics, crop improvement, sustainable agriculture, animal science, dryland farming, horticulture, viticulture, oenology and wine business.


The development of the VitiCanopy is supported by Adelaide Enterprise with funding from the University of Adelaide’s Commercial Accelerator Scheme.
Additional funding is provided by Wine Australia. Wine Australia invests in and manages research, development and extension on behalf of Australia’s grape growers and winemakers and the Australian Government.

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